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MCT Oil Softgels – Keto Diet Premium C8 C10 MCT Coconut Oil For Exogenous Ketones – Convenient Pills For Quick Energy, Mental Focus, Weight Loss And Metabolism Boost – 1000mg 120 Count.

SUSTAINED NATURAL ENERGY. Courage MCT Oil is made from 100% organic coconuts. Our natural, pharmaceutical grade, C8 and C10 medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) bypass the digestion process, reach the bloodstream intact where the exogenous ketones are immediately burned for energy rather than being stored as fat. MCT Oil is a favorite supplement among long distance marathon runners, riders, swimmers and endurance athletes who need to improve output and stamina for prolonged athletic activity.

CONVENIENCE IS KEY. Take these MCT oil caps between your low-carb keto meals to maintain your desired Ketosis level. These portable pills will jump start your ketone levels anywhere you are – an intense workout, a long distance run, at the pool, the office or while you travel. Transparent bottles offer peace of mind when going through airport security, and are easy to carry in a gym bag, a purse, or in the car. Flavorless 1000mg capsules are easy to dose and perfect to start your Ketogenic diet.

IMPROVED COGNITIVE FUNCTION & OTHER BENEFITS OF MCT OIL. MCTs are largely missing from the Western diet because we do not always get the fresh coconuts that contain these healthful fatty acids, and coconuts are the richest source of MCTs. MCT oil is an essential healthy fat and provides a number of health benefits ranging from improved cognitive function, clarity of mind, athletic performance enhancement, more efficient weight loss management, cancer prevention and anti-inflammatory properties.

WEIGHT LOSS, SATIATE APPETITE & BOOST METABOLISM. Start your day off with bulletproof coffee without the oily residue to clean up by using MCT Oil in tablet form. No need to load up on carbs and sugar throughout the day, just keep these caprylic oil softgels handy wherever you go. MCTs have been shown to increase satiety while increasing metabolism. Simply focus on your hard work at the gym or at the office, feel energized without always feeling hungry, and get rid of that stubborn belly fat.

MADE IN THE USA in GMP Certified, FDA Approved Facility. Contains: Tree nuts (coconut). Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Glycerin, Purified Water. Not manufactured with wheat, gluten, milk, egg, or shellfish. No palm oil, no carbs, no sugar, non-GMO. One 1000mg capsule contains 550mg C8 and 400mg C10. Sharpen your mental focus and forget energy pills, coconut oil capsules or coconut oil pills with natural nootropics organic MCT Oil. This Ketone supplement will help you lose weight and belly fat fast.

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