What’s the story behind the word Courage?

Thoughts like the vision of our perfect body, our desire to get in shape, our willingness to finally act towards a worthy goal, all need to pass through the narrow neck of our personal hourglass. Before passing from the top bulb, or the immaterial world of thought, desires, emotion and feelings, to the lower bulb, that is the physical world where we live, move and have our being, we must conquer a pesky layer of negative thoughts, doubts, fears, hesitations and endless wonderings that foster inaction.

Passing through the narrow neck is seemingly easy and most often done daily without thinking through thousands of small decisions, except of course when it matters most, when what’s at stake, the decision we’re about to make could change everything. The new you, the next job, the next business venture, conquering an addiction, helping someone in need, these hard life-changing decisions, for those to get through and materialize on the other side of the hourglass we must engage our Courage.

But what is Courage and where does it come from? Courage is a moral virtue that gives us the ability to engage in worthwhile endeavorings or life altering acts of will, in the face of danger, discomfort and pain, whether real or imagined.

When we give in to our fears and don’t face our challenges, we do not use our Courage, and ultimately we do not grow in our character. Though we’re weak, afraid and uncertain, Courage is the inner strength of the heart that allows us to push through, to act despite the fear. It is part of the fabric of our immaterial being, like our capacity to learn new languages, but most often it goes untapped.

“Be strong and courageous, and act; do not fear,“

We use the word Courage because we don’t just want to sell a good product, we want to encourage millions of people to be strong and courageous, to act; and not fear as King David once said to his Son Salomon who would become the richest and wisest man on Earth.

Take Courage My Friends!